Historically known for its world-famous barbecue, die-hard sports fans, and flyover nature, Kansas City is not typically thought of as having a music scene friendly to acts outside of hard rock, rap, and country – but Heads or Heads is making an effort to erase that notion once and for all.

From shimmering synths and dusty samples to dark atmospheres and his signature filtered vocals, Heads or Heads offers a unique vision within the confines of the KC Metro. Primarily a filmmaker, Alex Harbolt tiptoed his way into the venture with his first LP in 2018, the psychedelia/chillwave hybrid Am Enigma. The 10-track album, made as a gift for a friend, was released without any form of promotion or live performances – originally intended only to be seen by friends and family. However, it quickly began to make its rounds on the niche corners of the internet, spreading to listeners all across the globe.

As Heads or Heads has continued to grow his following, new music continues to be few and far between, with only 12 songs available to listeners for consumption. But the drought appears to be ending sooner rather than later as he is set to put out his follow-up LP entitled ‘Low Angles’.

SOURCE: Official Bio