Himmel is a dreamy, introspective musical project inspired by both modern dreampop (Beach House, M83, DIIV) as well as the 80/90’s dark, shoegaze acts (The Cure, Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine) It is a project based on collaborations between musicians from all over the world. Run by Luca Bluefire, a Danish/Italian producer, and multi-instrumentalist, every song features different contributors.

In 2015 the first LP “A Long Cold Winter” was released.

It featured musicians from Italy, UK, USA, Greece and, driven by the single “Reverie”, received positive feedbacks and critics:

“a superbly crafted artistic collaboration”
Cheap Sushi For You (USA)

“an impressive collection of dreamy sounding instrumentals and collaborations with different vocalists”
Liane Chan Blog (USA)

“a gripping concept album with a series of beautiful earworms”
Testmania (DE)

“a dream that is enriched with details to become unique and unforgettable”
Versacrum (ITA)

The singles “Worthless” (2016) and “Why” (2017) followed.

ABOUT “Dancing Leaves”
This is the second song realized together with the French vocalist and co-author Flora Lin.

The song presents a more pop, synthesized sound compared to the previous releases while keeping Himmel’s distinctive sound.

By Flora Lin:
“This song is about parting with someone you love, and how you decide to say goodbye. Do you fully enjoy the moment, to burn the experience into your memory? As you indulge in these last instants, all your senses are acute, and some feelings go right to your soul. The way raindrops fall on your skin, the earthy smell of petrichor, the sight of the clouds changing shape, as time goes by…”

SOURCE: Official Bio