1. Smoke and Mirrors Hyde Out 3:36

Hyde Out is an indie pop rock band from London, UK, led by Omar and Jaka who have been musically collaborating since 2014. Omar and Jaka come from broad creative musical backgrounds and have played in a variety of groups around the world since the 1990s.

Their musical style and influences are very diverse and range from 90s British pop rock to 60s and 70s folk, and from 80s electropop to contemporary pop music. Their music often tries to gel different styles together, leading to highly creative and fascinating musical results. As songwriters and performers, they make music simply out of passion, looking for new ways to bring to life the sounds that defined their own musical origins.

In 2018 Hyde Out recorded a fully self-produced demo album titled “Technicolour Ghost”, a candid exploration of their musical histories. Technical Ghost brought forth a couple of singles, “Hollow” and “Nights”, which garnered some attention around the world. Then, in the summer of 2020 Hyde Out collaborated with Italian musicians to produce an EP titled “Chiaraluna”, which achieved some success in Italy and other parts of the world.

In November 2020 Hyde Out finally released their much anticipated first full studio album, Smoke and Mirrors, produced by Supreme Tracks in New York. The album is an eclectic collection of 12 original songs that showcase Hyde Out’s varied influences and creative directions.

SOURCE: Official Bio