‘In Isolation’. A band name that resonates more than ever in these difficult times. However, the show must go on, and these darlings of Nottingham’s New Wave/Post-punk scene are finally releasing the sequel to their 2016 debut album ‘A Certain Fractal Light’.

‘Shards’ is an album of complex arrangements, but with a pop sensibility at its heart, much like the bands of the 80s from which it draws influence and comparison. Guitars and synths play a large part. Think Simple Minds, The Cure, The Human League, Siouxsie And The Banshees, coupled with later Post-punk revivalists Editors and Interpol.

Like its predecessor, much of the album’s lyrical themes pertain to matters of the heart; it is essentially one big love-fest, but with a dark, often cinematic vibe. Despite romantic forays, also explored are forced imprisonment in an apocalyptical landscape (‘Loving The Ghost’) diplomatic poisoning (‘Russian Doll’), and even contemporary astrophysics (‘TRAPPIST-1’). There also features In Isolation’s former single, an interpretation of the classic Bauhaus anthem ‘She’s In Parties’ (the accompanying YouTube video to this track with its 1920s mood is currently the most popular on the band’s music video channel.

Frontman Ryan Swift says of the band’s long-awaited follow-up, ‘“Shards” took us a while to complete since our debut four years back, but now it’s here, it’s one we’re proud of. The songwriting, we feel, is more confident and the lyrics are deliberately less ambiguous and more relatable. I found love in my life and so I brought love to the fore in these lyrical presentations.’

‘We can’t wait until we can bring these out to you again in a live capacity. We’re talking to festivals and we have a promoter negotiating a number of European dates on our behalf. We hope you can find something in our music to help you through these tricky times. We’ll see you out there soon!’

As a fashionable Easter egg, hidden away before the first track (so as not to interfere with the main album’s dark narrative) is an 80s-style dancefloor remix, realized by pop remix sensation Matt Pop, whose recent employment has been in the hands of Erasure, Kim Wilde and RuPaul.

In keeping with In Isolation’s retro influences, the band has been hand-picked by live promoters to support original artists from New Wave’s glory days, many from the more alternative side of audience appeal. These include Toyah, B-Movieand Balaam And The Angel.

SOURCE: Official Bio