96587-Everything_Is_SundIntro Projects was created by Jora Kornev. In the 80’s USSR, during Soviet Perestroyka years, he was influenced by his father who was a pioneer DJ and co-creator of the underground Youth Movement. His father had to smuggle good foreign music and recorded VHS tapes of European MTV channel for his gigs.

In the 90’s, Jora was fascinated by evolving electronic music back in far Kazakhstan (former state of USSR) and he could only dream back then as a teenager that one day, he will master the sound and will create his own music. He moved in Toronto in 2002. Became a Sound Engineer in 2008 and that’s when he created International Notable Talent Recycling Organization (INTRO). The idea was to collaborate with different artists and recycle their talents into something new. Same year first single and Reggae collaboration with Roger B was born titled “Nature’s Way”.

In 2012 INTRO released a second single “Urgent Message” on iTunes and a self-produced Music Video on YouTube. In 2014 INTRO removed both singles from iTunes and got a new name – Intro Projects. The first studio EP album titled “Everything is Sound” was released in March 2016 and includes 9 tracks. The follow-up LP album titled “Everything Is Light” will be released in June 2016 and will include more than 20 quality tracks ranging from Reggae/Hip-Hop to Electronic/Dubstep.

SOURCE: Official Bio