Isaac Wright is an acoustic singer, songwriter, and musician based in the small town of Geelong and his influences come from bands such as The Classic Crime, The Icarus Account and Mayday Parade.

Isaac delivers performances that tug on the heartstrings of the listener through the message in his songs but then quickly balance out by his comedic on-stage shenanigans and down to earth connection with the audience.

Isaac didn’t start as your typical ‘started at the age of 5’ musician. He didn’t realize what he wanted to do until he was 16 after reassuringly being told that he ‘had a nice voice’, It was enough for him to realize what he was going to make his passion for the rest of his life.

Not being in a position to access music lessons, he decided that the best way would be to self-teach and thusly started exploring singing and learning guitar as an accompanying instrument.

With Google and Youtube only able to teach limited practical skills, being able to finally afford and attend lessons hastily improved his musical development. Isaac engaged in singing lessons and did so on and off for 3 years, all the while continuing to self-teach guitar and soon enough picking up piano as well..

Isaac hopes to turn his passion into a career and write songs, sing and play music until he’s a wrinkly old prune until the retirement home staff tell him he’s disrupting the peace, or until he can no longer sing.

SOURCE: Official Bio