I remember those nights, we chased the light across the sky, the earth buzzing and flashing beneath us pulsating warm breaths to radiate our hearts, desiring perfection seeking infinity and always drinking the wine from the cup. Blaring organs and crashing cymbals filled the street in perfect harmony.

After enjoying some success with North American Royalty Jack Kirton, Joseph Berkley and Dennis Hubbard wanted to return to making more straight forward rock music. Drawing from there musical past Jack with Proto and Joey and Dennis with All Things Greens they developed there own blend of soulful rhythms and jangling pop melodies. endelouz is a return to a more decadent time in the sound of rock n roll. Mixing elements from old school r & b and rock with there own personal style endelouz is developing a sound that is fresh and distinctive.

endelouz formed in 2008 (during a hiatus of North American Royalty- Jack Kirton, Joseph Berkley, and Dennis Hubbard’s alternate endeavor with songwriter Elise Berkes) in Chattanooga, TN. In an attempt to deliver more straight forward rock music, and drawing from their diverse musical pasts (Jack with Proto, and Joey and Dennis with All Things Green), the members have developed a unique blend of soulful rhythms and jangling pop melodies tinged with elements of old school R&B. endelouz is a return to a more decadent time in rock and roll.

The band was joined by all the original members of North American Royalty on the e.p. as well as Michael Kirton on guitar. The e.p. was produced by Jack Kirton and was engineered by Patrick Himes and Rosemary Haskins at Water Works productions in Nashville, TN. It was mastered by Jim Demain at Yes Master in Nashville, TN.

Source: Reverbnation Bio