Jeremy Ray, better known as Jae’zus, is an American Hip-Hop recording artist born in Morristown, Tennessee, December 28th 1987. From as early as he can remember, Jae’zus knew music was in his blood. Describing the home air as “thick with music,” his single mother kept the air filled with soulful enjoyments, whether she was cleaning, cooking, working outside, or just sitting to enjoy the beautiful weather the Appalachian region brings.

Jae’zus describes the best thing of his childhood, the thing that ignited his passion for music, was the realization that there is music for each and every mood one finds himself or herself in. Jae’zus’ mother, having dealt with the multitudes of stress that life may present, used music as a kind of medicine. Thus music, Jae’zus argues, is a matter of healing, and each kind of music can be a medicine for each kind of problem, from physical to emotional to mental.

In 1999, at the age of 12, Jae’zus spent a lot of time with his younger cousins at their grandmother’s home. In December of ’99, a video game titled MTV Music Generator was released for the original PlayStation. Intrigued by just the thought of being capable of creating his own music through a video game, he began to experiment with simple boom/bap beats while freestyling silly rhymes. At that moment in time, Jae’zus realized his passion for organizing words into a rhythmic sequence. Progressing from tape decks with built in mics to basic computers with karaoke microphones, Jae’zus was looking for new ways to generate music. He then started visiting local shops for basic recording equipment. His very first recorded song happened to be on tape deck, freestyling over J-Kwon’s “Hood Hop” instrumental. Family and friends heard this tape and threw gas on what was already then a large flame of interest in the music production. Fast forwarding a bit, Jae’zus then decided to invest time in becoming a “Jack of all trades”, from engineering his own musical compositions to shooting and editing his own music videos.

Early in 2012, the release of a solo project titled “For the Glory” caught local ears and spoke truth to a broader audience. In the summer of 2013, VSFM Vol. 1, a compilation of music created by Jae’zus, alongside of select fellow artists, was released. By the winter of 2013, the 2nd volume was released. In the summer of 2014, the latest of Jae’zus’ solo work was released, titled “Impatiently Patient”, which eloquently showcases life told through one of many voices of poverty with hopes of shedding light on a better tomorrow.

At this moment in time, Jae’zus finds himself following music’s compass, which may get him lost at times, but it helps him discover new elements of his rocky chosen road. Jae’zus continues to enjoy plenty of exposure and a growing fan base. Moreover, after taking first place in multiple showcases, latest news consists of his attendance/performance at the annual Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes 2015 Convention, held in Miami, FL. As far as Jae’zus’ career, he is continuing to spread good music, and the lack of substance within our mainstream music markets will only increase the need for such rhythmic positivity. Jae’zus argues that rather than believing that life is all about acquiring materialistic things, people need music to which they can relate. And “Captain Red Beard” is here to provide just that.