This recording project has been a long time coming for Ben Thompson. So where did it all start? Back To The Future. It was, in part, the first time he watched the fictional Marty McFly play guitar on stage at the Enchantment Under The Sea dance that gave Thompson his first taste of what Rock N Roll looked like. Around the same time, he discovered Jimi Hendrix who greatly influenced him to pick up a guitar and he hasn’t put it down since. However, it wasn’t until he saw John Mayer perform that Thompson realized he wanted to be a songwriter and a frontman more than anything.

He focused on his guitar playing for the next few years and at 21, he attended Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles. After graduating, Thompson had to relocate back home to Savannah, Georgia and felt as if he was giving up on his dreams. He picked up a gig teaching at a local music store and there met full-time musicians who were more interested in writing original songs than being great instrumentalists. This is when everything changed.

It was during this season in Savannah that a fellow musician friend began showing Thompson tracks he had written and recorded. Thompson was blown away. Believing that he could write and record a great song on his own opened up a new musical horizon for the artist.

After moving to Austin, Texas with his wife, Thompson started putting together a studio of his own and began digging into the recording process. Taking time to perfect his sound, songs began to come to fruition, and Jagasora was finally born.

SOURCE: Official Bio