Jay Miners is a singer, songwriter, and composer with indie/folk/pop sounds. Born and raised in New York, she grew up playing classical piano and has written a wide range of songs, including pop melodies and lyrics, instrumentals, and jazz pieces. She is influenced by her parents’ CD collection of the greats (Simon & Garfunkel, Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell) in her early introductions to music, and later inspired by folk/pop singer-songwriters like Sara Bareilles, Vienna Teng, and Elizabeth & The Catapult.

In December 2016, she dropped her debut EP “This Is How You Fight,” which is a work of songs reflecting observations on fading friendships and her love/hate relationship with NYC. Her new single “These Songs Have New Meaning” was released on Feb 26, 2018.

She is working to release a new EP in early 2019.

SOURCE: Official Bio