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Jesus Ayala Jr., hailing from Chicago, armed with an American White Fender Stratocaster aims to relive the glory days of early-2000’s Garage Rock/Indie Rock/Post-Punk Revival era. His music is in the same vain as that from The Strokes, The Killers, The Vaccines, Weezer, and Arctic Monkeys. “I’m nostalgic for the nights that people went out to smoke cigarettes, drink cheap beer, and listen to rock bands. The scene changed on me when I was old enough to go out, so I hope we can recreate that” Ayala Jr. stated.

Jesus Ayala Jr. is no stranger to indie-rock anthems, having performed with bands The Charters and The Fevertones. The Charters won the Hollywood Songwriting Contest for ‘It’s a Lonely Christmas’ and performed two sold-out shows at their height in Chicago. The Fevertones have also performed countless festivals and been described “as the love child of Cold War Kids and Led Zeppelin” by bloggers. Ayala Jr has also quietly released an acoustic solo project that sparked his interest in a solo career. “You can’t let songs collect dust while you wait for the right time or band, which is why I started releasing music on my own” he stated.

SOURCE: Official Bio