The Joe Mysterio project has been in the works since Joe was only 17. In the beginning, the songwriter was simply looking for people to start a metal-based project. By the end of high school, he leads a band in covering Green Day songs and received excellent feedback from the performance. It was then that he knew he wanted to write his own songs.

Soon after, he attended the University of Texas in Austin and during his time there, started working on recruiting other musicians to work with. Although it seemed like it might be easy in Austin, it turned out to be more difficult than he expected.

It wasn’t long before the artist took matters into his own hands and began teaching himself home studio production. Focusing on songwriting and recording techniques, he finally had 3 songs he felt were all worth recording professionally. It was then that the Joe Mysterio EP was finally born. The release is a testament to where he is at with his musical journey right now.

SOURCE: Official Bio