John Moore And Missing Star is a new musical project featuring John Moore front-man from the long-standing Western New York-based band 53 Days.

As a songwriter for 53 Days he penned the song “Shelter Me” for the soundtrack album to the movie Lonestar State Of Mind. The movie featured John Mellencamp in a role. The songs “These Days” and “When it Goes ’round” were used in the film “Last Big Attraction”, the latter over the closing credits. As well as many songs that have been heard on MTV, CBS, and E!.

The upcoming Missing Star CD contains poignant, soulful songs on feeling sometimes out of place in a too fast-changing world, mortality and appreciating ‘what ya’ got’. With the ’70s and ’80s R&B pop throwback and a dash of modern rock it touches on themes, everyone can relate to for its introspective look at living life.

SOURCE: Official Bio

Band Members

John Moore – vocals, guitar
Tom Robinson – bass
Steve Ryder – guitar
Joe (Mojo) Mergler – keys
Shannon Street – percussion

“They were just starting to turn up the heat on the bluesy rock stew they were cooking.”
– The Buffalo News