John Scargall is a hot, smoldering, volcanic eruption of a new act out of Philadelphia who has fire marshals everywhere scrambling to contain those adjectives. His time in Cubicle Workers Anonymous behind him, John is now on a Rockin’ Country journey of epic proportions.

At first priding himself on a low “performer to listener ratio,” for which he states “provides for a more personalized listening experience,” John is now seeing his unique brand of Rockin’ Country music spread throughout the entire world. When asked why he thought this was happening, he responded “I only use the 12 notes Beethoven did, so you know it’s good.”

For his debut album, John decided to work with a 5-time Grammy award winning producer, but after weeks of unreturned phone calls and e-mails, he ended up going with his friend from high school, Christian O’Connor. But he did end up producing his record at Morningstar Studios, which is run by Glenn Barratt who has 6 grammys! Is it grammys or grammies? Gummy goes to gummies, so why did grammys get the Presidential pardon on the change to “ie”? But I digress.

John will be releasing his debut album, “Breakthrough”, in early 2015, and it’s chock full of wailing guitars, rippin’ lap steel riffs, and rich vocal harmonies that pound his positive, motivational message home. His music has trended #1 on 93.7 WSTW and has been heard or currently being heard on Eagle 97.7, 97.3 WZZE, Rockin’ Country Radio Online and Rocker’s Dive Radio. John is on tour with The Devyl Nellys and Christian O’Connor, playing clubs and NHRA Hot Rod Races across the Eastern U.S.

John is also a big animal lover and has a chocolate lab named Penny, who is his baby. So, let’s bring this home. If you believe that anything is possible…if you believe that things can and will get better…and if you believe that being yourself is always the right thing to do even if it involves referring to yourself in the third person throughout an entire biography in a silly albeit slightly narcissistic kind of way..THEN LET’S GO CHANGE THE WORLD TOGETHER. 🙂