My name is Jordan Sleed. I’m a musician from San Antonio, Texas. I picked up the ukulele when I was 13, being inspired by Jake Shimabukuro. After a couple months of annoying my musically inclined family, learning how to play the instrument, I picked up the guitar.

I had been surrounded by great music in my house my whole life (Don Mclean, The Beach Boys, Seal, James Taylor, etc.) but this is how I first got into music. Once I began writing songs, I became a singer by default. I joined the band at my church and started getting a lot of experience musically communicating with others and playing music for an audience. Shortly after this, I began playing at local restaurants, bars, parties, etc. and I have been consistently playing these gigs for about 3 years now. The EP I just finished is a collection of 6 songs that really showcase my own sound and lyricism.

SOURCE: Official Bio