92504-Hallucinogenic_NumerologyJoseph A. Peragine (pronounced pair-ah-genie) is an unsigned, independent, multi-genre, solo artist who writes his music in efforts to cope with his clinically diagnosed paranoid schizophrenia. Approximately 1% of Americans are diagnosed with this severe mental illness and the overall recovery rate is very low. Under 14% of schizophrenics can maintain a full recovery for longer than two years.

Joseph leads a very private life, having been in recovery for nearly 15 years. Every so often he will come out of his seclusion of hallucinogenic creative insanity, to release his epic musical compositions of technical, poetic, somber and sonic individuality. The overall mystique behind his identity is intriguing. The select few that have experienced Joseph’s music, have labeled him as a modern-day idiot savant. Joseph has a large body of work with over 100 compositions spanning multiple genres. His complete works have been described as a mixture of Henry Rollins, Meshuggah, Pinback, Animals As Leaders, Don Caballero, Pink Floyd, Radiohead and The Dillinger Escape Plan (These artists being his major influences) Joseph’s existence is only possible through a strict regimen of anti psychotic medications, counseling and daily routine. Although Joseph’s strict wellness plan and health care needs do not provide him with the means and permitting schedule to tour, it is his great hope and dream to find his niche by becoming a member of the popular music community. Joseph has a lifelong aspiration combined with a solid work ethic to make it still possible to spread his music to the world by every other outlet necessary.

SOURCE: Official Bio