1. Back To California Katie Belle 3:26

Katie Belle is an American pop artist, songwriter, musician and model was born on August 19, in the state of Georgia, USA. Katie is associated with TrackStarEntertainment and WorldWideEntertainmentConsultants. June 2021 release “BACK TO CALIFORNIA” out now!!!! Produced by Josquin Des Pres – TrackStarEntertainment Katie is hard at work recording new songs with plans to release them as singles throughout the year. The songs are part of an upcoming 5 song EP expected to release in 2021.

Her breathy and silvery sound will fill the smallest of rooms, and the biggest of stadiums. Her personality and stage presence is playful, captivating and engaging – just the kind of stuff radio and audiences are longing for today.

Katie got her first thrill of the spotlight at an early age. She wrote her first song penned on a hotel napkin titled “Born For This” she was just 12! Spending time crafting her songwriting style first with country influences and transitioning to a more pop sound of late, Katie is influenced by contemporary pop artists, classic rock, and classic country. Katie also performs with “Color The Night” Band based out of Atlanta.

SOURCE: Official Bio