Keeton Coffman
Keeton Coffman

Keeton Coffman is at his core, a songwriter. Evoking the melodic styles and passionate lyricism of Amos Lee, David Gray, and Bruce Springsteen, Coffman’s songs capture your imagination while weaving a melody into your very soul.

“The Ghost,” released in August 2014, marks Keeton Coffman’s first contribution as a solo artist. Asking Keeton, “What is the job of a songwriter?” he simply responds “To tell the truth.” From the lead songs, “The Letter” and “The Hunted & The Hunter”, to the hauntingly beautiful “The Ghost” and “The Magician”, this 6 song collection overflows with stories of beauty and deception, faithfulness and loss, trepidation and fearlessness.

Crafted within the walls of Tight Sound Studios in Houston TX, Keeton and longtime friend and producer, Jay Snider shaped “The Ghost” on the heels of Coffman’s former band (The 71‘s) dissolving abruptly, and with great devastation to Keeton. “Recording these songs was form of ‘musical therapy’ for me,” says Coffman. And you hear it in each one. Heartache, met with surrender, with hopeful eyes toward the horizon. “The Ghost” is not only the soundtrack to Keeton rebuilding as a musician, but as a human.

Keeton Coffman truly shines during his live performances with his lighthearted, personable approach and a gift for intimately connecting with his audience to make them feel at home. In the last two years, Keeton has performed live in venues across Houston with such artists as Jessie Ware, William Beckett, Ellis Paul, David Ramirez, Daley, and Andrew Ripp.