Sharing the stage with bands like The Marshall Tucker Band, performing residencies at wine houses, playing intimate concerts, and gigging along the Northern California coast, singer songwriter Kelly Ann has been taking a unique approach to folk music. The multi-instrumentalist went out on a fan-funded cross country tour to record her self titled EP in 2013 and came back with something better than she expected.

Selling out of physical copies, the release has received praise from the folk community since its debut. Incorporating pop sensibilities with a rootsy sound and energy, Kelly Ann has fans singing her songs even after they’ve ended.

The success of the EP ignited even more of a flame and the artist is already working on new material for an upcoming full length album.

SOURCE: Official Bio

“Kelly Ann’s music always turns heads when it’s heard as you walk in the venue. Her ability to mix great lyrics with a very unique voice is something very hard to accomplish.”
– Doug Gray, The Marshall Tucker Band

“Kelly Ann is a singer-songwriter with a soulful disposition, full of the natural talent she displays through her music. Her songs are an inner journey, with a splash of attitude and sass. Her first EP exemplifies these traits and firmly plants her in contention with songwriters like William Fitzsimmons and early Ray Lamontagne.”
– Justin Mabee, HM Magazine