102202-bossinFor those who don’t know him, now you about to witness the talent of a true artist at work. Kenny P, outta Cincinnati OH., has been around for a while. Kenny P. grew up in the poverty-stricken projects in Cincinnati where he wanted a way out, so he began entertaining crowds for change. As he got older his talent started to be noticed throughout the city and Kenny P. started putting his experiences into rap form which made him a household name.

In 2009 He finally stumbled on a hit song intitled Like My Birthday which had the clubs and radio stations going crazy…”Like My Birthday” (the single) gave Kenny P. the Title of Mr. Do It Like My Birthday. and it wasn’t a Birthday party in the region that didn’t play this song during a Birthday Party or even just a regular club night.

After doing a 5yr bid, Kenny P is back and causing chaos with his new singles “Do Yo Thang”, and “Bossin” And you better believe these songs are gonna have everybody “Doing They Thang” and “Bossin”. Across the Globe… The hit singles from the LP “HIGHLY ANTICIPATED” and “Independence Day” are now available on iTunes.

SOURCE: Official Bio