1. Hurry Back Kiera Lyons 4:08

Born in Boston and raised in sunny Los Angeles, Kiera Lyons, an 18-year-old singer-songwriter and musician of Irish and Costa Rican descent, has been making music her entire life. Kiera showed an interest in music before she could speak, and her first song, which she wrote at age 6, won an award in a competition for young artists. She began avidly exploring musical performance and production in middle school, and by her teens was sculpting her own unique sound — an emotive blend of indie folk, pop, electronica, and art rock.

In 2020, Kiera released her debut EP, “Hiraeth,” and began actively playing out live. When the pandemic hit, she focused her efforts on developing material for her first full-length album, which she hopes to release soon. She plays piano, guitar, ukulele, and violin and is a serious editor as well. She conceived of an innovative speed ramp style for her latest music video, “Lock the Door and Throw Away the Key”, which her father, Federcio Gonzalez, helped her create. Also, her very first original TikTok sound, a spooky edit of MIA’s “Bad Girls” went uber viral and has been used by scores of influencers, including Charli D’Amelio.

SOURCE: Official Bio