100622-kittTrained as an Early Childhood Educator, Kitt thrived on teaching ages 2-5. Whilst raising her own 3 children, she became involved with Toronto Casting as an actor and was placed as an extra in various student films & television. Her thrust was more centered on voice over work, both in Toronto and Los Angeles. Presently, Kitt is pursuing her strengths in voice acting.

Kitt was trained classically through the Royal Conservatory of Music syllabus on the piano.

Asked what inspired her to pursue songwriting, she commented..”i thrive on creating music and lyrics, to ultimately enhance storytelling. Pre-schoolers have such a vivid imagination and to be able to tap into that space, brings me much happiness. If i can brighten & intrigue their musicality, even briefly… I’ve succeeded in my quest’!

Parents & teachers agree that once they’ve heard Kitt’s songs, once or twice, the melody and lyrics are indelibly planted. A balance of educational and FUN! Kitt does not perform live but is prolific in her compositions as a recording artist.

Another port for this prolific songwriter is adult focused. Ranging from instrumental to lyrical compositions which often emit a cause for humanity & nature.

SOURCE: Official Bio