Growing up, an adolescent teenager, in the early 90’s had its advantages; especially when it came to the music aspect. Hip Hop and RnB groups like Naughty by Nature and Boyz II Men were kicking off their own sound, with a touch of “old skool,” Nirvana ruled the rock world with their Seattle/grunge anthem, “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” Michael Jackson videos were televised world premiers, and MTV was in its prime, before the invasion of the countless and meaningless reality shows (excluding The Real World). But for this Philadelphia born, Southern New Jersey raised artist, it was like having the best of all worlds. Therefore, becoming an awesome study guide on how to perfect his own craft.

Starting out as a local open mic/small venue favorite in 2003, the South Jersey/Philly area was a great stepping stone, throughout the various circuits – Philly fans take no prisoners, even against their own. Fortunately, they took mercy on his alternative rock/blues style. With the help of catchy lyrics and sweet sounding riffs, his craft was coming along nicely.

After an unofficial eight year hiatus, he’s back on the scene. Now residing in Wisconsin, with the same catchy lyrical style, same alternative/blues flow… but with a vengeance. Following the influences of The Jackson 5, The Doors, White Stripes, and Temptations (to name a few), he’s firing up the grill again and ready to serve it up hot – so get your plates ready!

– Kryptonian Dynamite Music