a1911507342_10Helena Sánchez and Rodrigo Barbosa are Leontine, a band based in Mexico.

Walking all along the sidewalk
as a riot takes the streets
of a far away city
but these streets are empty as is my heart
don’t wanna live in bitterness
give me a cure for shame

Planes are easy to take
you can jump on one and make a clean start
in a far away city
would I be a traitor to not look back
don’t wanna live in misery
give me a cure for shame

Eyes in every corner, ears behind the walls
hands that hold me to the ground
You won’t hear me telling stories
but you won’t see me run and hide

a dreamer for survival, a heathen by default
should I accept my fate?
You won’t hear me singing anthems
but you won’t see me burning flags

Oh, give me a cure for shame

released October 3, 2015
Helena Sánchez – composer.
Rodrigo Barbosa and Helena Sánchez – producers.