1. Ellipses Love Crumbs 4:07

Love Crumbs is a folk-rock and Americana group based in Massachusetts. Known for blending poignant lyrics with evocative vocal storytelling, their nostalgic, timeless, heart-on-sleeve sound harkens to a bygone era. Their debut single, ‘Cavalcades’ received critical acclaim from celebrated outlets such as Adobe and Teardrops, Postcard Elba, and Obscure Sound.

“There are great singers, and then there are great voices. Voices that grab you from the jump and make you go “Who is this?” Ali from Love Crumbs falls into the latter category” writes Postcard Elba.

With stories involving triumph and overcoming personal trauma, Love Crumbs holds nothing back – whether sonically or emotionally. Guitarist and songwriter Michael says of performing together: “Creation and the energy around creation is its own reward. Live performance is both primal and timeless. It transcends language. It’s a beautiful experience that I wish everyone could have. Almost like another feeling, close to love or happiness.”

Following a decade-long hiatus, Love Crumbs regrouped in 2020 to continue putting out inspirational music. As individuals, the members have opened for and performed with acts including Weezer, The Grateful Dead, Buckethead and Talking Heads.

SOURCE: Official Bio