Madame Z is a singer/songwriter and multi-faceted creative talent whose music has been described as a jazzy soul with a rock edge. One listener commented that she sounds like,

“Janis Joplin crossed with Mazzy Star.”

Another inquired,

“Has she fronted a metal band?!” (The answer is actually yes).

Author Amanda Cathin reacted with,

“…goes down like blue smoke and honey whiskey.”

Whatever you hear upon first listen, there is no denying her talent, her charming personality, her passionate performances and emotive songwriting.

Madame Z’s debut album, ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’, was released on June 26, 2020.

Press and Buzz:

“Down The Rabbit Hole is a stunning record. Madame Z is a mind-blowing performing and creative talent. Musically, it is a terrific journey into the artist’s masterful composing, stellar singing, and intense lyrics that remain compelling even after repeated listening.”
Tuneloud (Magazine and Radio)

“Each cut is intensely unique…as overused and abused as that word can tend to be, it applies here. Madame Z could have easily played any record so much safer than this based on the skills & talent you’ll hear from her…that becomes known just about instantly – it’s the fact that she DIDN’T and chose to challenge herself in such compelling, artistic, and exciting ways that have me giving her the gold star!”
Jer, Sleeping Bag Studios

“Often blending alternative pop tones with expressive, near-theatrical vocal performances, and consistently unique soundscapes, Madame Z’s music provides instrumental escapism and provocative lyricism in one swiftly melodic and seductive strike.”
Rebeca Cullen, Stereo Stickman

“Resiliently spunky. Charmingly unpredictable. Sultry yet ‘boundaried’. Madame Z’s long time in the making debut solo album, Down The Rabbit Hole, checks practically every box on the color pallet, leading us through a tour of the many different singer-songwriter genres including everything from jazz-lounge to soul, rock to R&B. Taking in all of these influences over the course of this 15-track project feels almost like a concept album, or perhaps the soundtrack to the next Spike Lee joint.

Pink meets Norah Jones…
Noah Hittner, The Ark of Music

Down The Rabbit Hole
Conceived, Written and Performed by Madame Z and The M Project
Also featuring: Steve Keith, Mauro Scarsellone, Riot Craig and Summer Flu
Art & Photography by Madame Z and Amy Jo Designs.
Produced by Madame Z, The M Project, and Steve Keith
Executive Producer: Steve Keith
Engineered by The M Project
Mastered by Steve Keith, Baselines Designs

Down the Rabbit Hole is released and is supported by Unlimited Sounds Publishing & Distribution, LLC.