Ukulele, hip hop, and guitar shredding mix well together… and along comes the evolved beats of Magnastic. These guys truly possess their own sound, combining a humorous element to their incredible playing skills.

Influences like Tenacious D, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beck, Dr. Dre, Busta Ryhmes, Primus, friends and lovers, have all had a hand in their sound. Now they have reached a level of music that is at the point of de-labelization.

The band formed in high school but had a rough start, as the original five members parted ways after a period of individual hardships occurred (Rehab). Jeff and Byron were able to reconvene after a few years to formulate their musical ideas and talents into what they wanted to be, “perfect for us and our friends, something people all over can give a listen to. Kind of like a sort of underground musical ceremony.”

Soon they were joined by the amazing rhythm section of Matt Barreca (drums) and Matt Shlapak (bass and keys). With the addition of the ‘2 Mathew’s with nothing to lose’ they set out on recording their debut album “Pontiac Man” in March 2013.

Magnastic’s live show is driven purely on ‘Entertainment’ and is an experience unlike any other. Expect a set dripping with dirty dancing, ridiculous solos, cardboard cutouts, porn raffles, and more.