1. Je Regarde l Ocean Marea 4:21

I’m Marea, I’ve always loved music since I was in the cradle!

My parents raised me in a vibrant music house: Mina, De Andrè, Puccini.

I don’t think I’ve ever let a single day go by without listening to some Music.

Music, in my opinion, has the power to create a parallel world where you can take refuge both when you are cheerful or happy that when you are sad or melancholic.

I like to listen to all genres a bit even if I prefer Maitre-Gims, James Blunt and I’ve always been a fan of Madonna and Laura Pausini.

I started studying singing and guitar when I grew up, listening to music was no longer enough.

Driven by my own teachers, I started composing and writing in a notebook that is always with me ..

Some songs are born in French, others in English and others in Italian.

Je Regarde l’Ocean is a love song that I wrote inspired by my trip to Normandy where I love every time I come back as if that is my home .. the beaches of Calvados have really stolen me heart.

SOURCE: Official Bio