90173-Misspent_Future_EP_CoverMark Mathews is a London based singer-songwriter, voted one of the best new artists in London by readers of the Metro Newspaper, awarded First place in the Indie International Songwriting competition and nominated for 2 Indy Music Awards for Best Live Act. His relentless gigging, touring and busking has taken him around the world, literally, and, when he is not touring, his London Underground Busker’s license takes him around the Circle Line, equally literally.

Mark is Spanish from his Mum’s side and Northern Irish from his Dad’s side. The family tree in Belfast hung heavy with stories of death and guns, so Mark’s Dad, a working actor, took the family to settle in the East End of London. The “usual poor Eastenders stuff” transpired before relocating 30 miles down the road to Maidstone in Kent. But the East End was never far away with them moving into a house next to Maidstone Prison, with East End stalwarts Reggie Kray and Bruce Reynolds residents.

A freebie tape titled Sixties Mania that came with a box of Kellogs cereal opened his mind to classic British pop writing. The discovery of Sgt Peppers in his Mum’s vinyl collection and the arrival of Oasis followed. The former was on constant repeat for a year. The latter encouraged Mark to pick up a guitar and write songs. The culmination of these three events was the catalyst to Mark escaping the shadow of the Trebor Mint Factory in his small hometown in search of an alternative life. He “bought the ticket to take the ride”.

“Mark writes good tuneful songs…and the live set added even more energy to his catchy songs” – Art Rocker

Influenced by The Beatles and The Kinks as well as American greats like The Band and Ryan Adams, Mark fuses great story telling with an undeniable knack for a hooky chorus to create catchy indie pop with a raw folk edge.

“Mark Mathews’ refreshing blend of funk, Indie and rock n’ roll makes him a dangerous talent.” – Hybrid Lab, Agaazit Haile

Mark has toured with Frank Turner, Luke Toms, The Draytones and Dan Le Sac, headlined the Barfly and had numerous stage invasions from excited fans. At a residency in India he was paid the equivalent of 10p per gig, which, once spent behind the bar, made the bar staff’s day… every day. In Eastern Europe he got paid in Polish beer.

“I’m a fan of the people. I generally play to drunks”

In between tours Mark busks. On one occasion on the central line, he had such a large, enraptured audience that staff had to be called to move them on and his biggest pay-check came from Lenny Henry in Covent Garden. A wad of cash and some supportive words fed the soul and fuelled the engine.

“Full of melody that would make a wolverine purr” – Ciro Guadagno, Intamission Music

Mark continues to release music so far having 4 EP’s and 3 singles out to buy already and another EP and a string of singles planned for 2015.

“Putting it simply, Mark Mathews is one to look out for in the near future & beyond” – MIG Promotions, Sammie Dee