Martin Callingham is a Bristol based musician and songwriter. His debut album Tonight, We All Swim Free was released in 2015 on Folkwit Records. Playing like the soundtrack to the last day of your childhood holidays it is in parts upbeat, elsewhere heartbreaking, and beguiling from beginning to end.

“The album was picked up by Radios 1 and 6 and it’s easy to see why. Portland Square was a recent favorite and Knots, whilst more upbeat continues the sublime stream of complete and utter loveliness.”

A new album is on its way and a tour to accompany it. Assassins, a collaboration with visual artist Lyndsie Barnard, will be released as a boxed set of postcards and a limited run of vinyl with a preview single out in May 2018 and the album due for release in October 2018. Expect deeply affecting live shows to accompany a beautifully crafted album.

The video to lead track A Toe on the Water is a single shot recorded near the beautiful Hay Bluff on the Welsh borders, close to Martin’s childhood home.

SOURCE: Official Bio