DSC_1860Matt Bunsen is just another self-deprecating/aggrandizing singer/songwriter from LA. Adept at the art of songcraft, he combines witty yet heartfelt melodies that flow effortlessly into memorable, epic, sing-along choruses. But if the if grandeur fails to connect, at least Matt can take solace in being silly.

That being said, not many people can take a Wikipedia entry and compose it into meaningful tale of western angst as Matt does on “I’m Yosemite Sam”. (Frank Zappa made him do it.) It’s musical cousin “Stone Cold Santa” further demonstrates the commitment to rocking while remaining both earnest and clever.

Matt Bunsen performs around Southern California – sometimes by himself with just a guitar – and other times playing bass and fronting the 7-piece band, Matt Bunsen and the Burners. They perform interesting takes on classic rocks anthems, along side Bunsen own anthem “Beer” and the swinging “Drugs Make Me Happy” from their Greatest Hits CD, released in 2013. The result is a rather entertaining evening! You should check them out…

In his spare time, Matt composes soundtrack music, with credits including NPR, MTV, and Discovery Channel. He also plays bass for a number of LA bands such Still Spark, Annette Conlon Band, Off The Fence and others.

SOURCE: Official Bio