1. Mirrors Matthias Erdmann 4:17

To explore what makes a song work, for both the listener and the composer, has always been at the center of Matthias Erdmann’s music. There are traces of Folk, Jazz, Soul and Blues in it, but more importantly there is purpose to get the idea as clearly as possible across. By creating an atmosphere that is immediately inviting and at the same time able to give the listener an orientation, like a set of maps to explore the ideas within a song.

After some rather timid first steps as a composer in Berlin, Germany, Matthias Erdmann went on his wandering years with his guitar and bicycle. The journey took him from Europe through Asia towards Australia, and a year later from Mexico to Argentina.

There, his debut album “The Addicted” took shape in 2017. The continuous input of new perspectives has also left its imprint on the songwriting process. Through the patience to see it from different angles, it grew more colorful and complex. As a consequence, the rhythm and the instrumentation reflect now more than ever the different personalities of his songs. Although each stands on its own, they have some characteristics in common:

They are rhythmically engaging, focused in their playfulness and while maintaining the mystery of the creative process, they‘re honest and clear in their intent.

SOURCE: Official Bio