1. Pleco King McCallister 4:48

Columbus, OH native band featuring Daniel Sean Anderson on 6-string bass, Angela Anderson on drums, and Jarrett Kenny on cello. McCallister seeks to merge light and dark aspects of sound in a progressive manner while bending the definitions of a normal 3 piece band.

Grounded and grassroots, McCallister compiled their debut album (Anomalies) unsigned, in a basement, and during a time of worldwide turmoil. The album could not have been produced without the endless efforts of Chris Murray – mixing, mastering, and recording extraordinaire, and Paul Kavicky – of Paper Street Audio Company. McCallister brought the stories and the means to communicate them; Chris and Paul brought those stories to life.

The alluring and often baroque band artwork, heralded by Daniel and digitized by Chris, thematically enhances the messages of McCallister’s songs. For instance – Kiss of the Gorgon is an introspective from the standpoint of Medusa as a “brave” knight pursues her for honor and glory. How would she feel living this horrible life she never chose? Anomalies asks the listener to reconsider what is truly evil, even in the oldest of tales.

As an emerging presence in the local Columbus scene (Doodah Parade, CD 102.5 Big Room Bar, Newport Music Hall), the trio has a well-polished and commanding stage presence and eyes hungry for more. Join them as they creatively explore the ethereal adventures that define humanity, accepting the bad, the good, and everything spiraling between.

SOURCE: Official Bio