Melba was formed in 2014. It’s a solo project of producer and composer Piotr “Jazzcat” Pacyna from Wolsztyn, Poland. He has roots in the so-called demoscene. In 1992 he began making music on his Amiga computer and it was a terrible Italo disco-inspired sound! Luckily for everyone, all this early work vanished. He has been meticulously crafting his musical skills ever since, skiving off school occasionally, when he should have been learning maths or chemistry instead.

Today, he is focused on creating library/production music and game audio – most often background music. However, he wanted an outlet for tunes and songs suited for other settings than just games. And basically, that’s how this EP was born. It’s filled with smoky house music with funk, pop, chillout and acid jazz elements that combine electronics, vocals, and real instruments. There’s definitely a pinch of Jamiroquai, Schmoov! and Moon Boots influences here, but there are also shades of the old masters such as Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Steely Dan or Rod Temperton.

SOURCE: Official Bio