1. Payday Minas 2:31

‘Payday’ incorporates a clash of punk and electronica that James Minas as a producer has crafted over the course of three years alongside his band (bassist Bob Williams and drummer Greg Davies). It’s a skewed sideways track with a simplistic yet aggressive bass and drum combination sitting unrelentingly under a strung out, spitting vocal performance.

Taking influence from the DIY punk of Shellac and experimental electronica from Burial, Minas has combined a wide lineage of influence, as well as considering new sounds and messages from the likes of Slowthai and Sleaford Mods. This combination, plus further strong inspiration from The Prodigy and Deftones, makes up a musical, lyrical and thematic basis on which Minas has threaded through stories both grounded in his own reality and conjured up to reflect the state of society.

‘Payday’ digs into frustration and angst with a crooked grin attached. Self deprecating humour describes an almost idle boredom marked by depravity and desperation. Its chorus speaks to the title “I get paid Friday, trust me I am good for it” Minas howls over the increasing noise of his band. (…continues)

The last year has been Minas’ most prolific, releasing two singles ‘Drinker’ and “Burner” (both with forward thinking music videos and playlisted by Dummy magazine) as well as the EP ‘Nudge’, written, recorded and released in a span of a couple of months in lockdown. Minas was also granted BBC Horizons Launchpad funding in cooperation with the Arts Council Of Wales. This has afforded him the opportunity to create a unique recorded live show during a time where his charged, manic, crowd-fueled sets aren’t possible. Set within the walls of a circus rehearsal space in what was once a Cardiff chapel, the three piece band played through the album to no one. The show is set to be released with the album later this year.

SOURCE: Official Bio