Hailed as “10 Most Promising Music Acts of 2020”, Trip-hop artist Misa takes you on a lyrical journey using a fusion of soulful melodies, dub grooves, and acoustic beats to evoke the mind, reawaken the soul. Her thought-provoking narratives capture themes such as love, heartbreak, and memories of the past.

With deeply emotive lyrics, Misa’s inspiration stems from a love of songwriting, using breath-taking vocals and synthesized beats to rhythmically bring her stories to life. Misa gives listeners a little extra at the end of some of her tracks making her unique and unforgettable.

Misa’s journey really began two years ago when she was at her own personal crossroads. Finding her inner strength through music, she curated a collection of sounds to reflect her evolution as a singer-songwriter. During the spring of 2020, Misa launched herself into the trip-hop scene and has been since named as ‘Five Unstoppable Female Artists’ by Atomix Vox.

Misa’s next single ‘Summersalt’ is due out on 3rd December and will mark the start of a brand new chapter.

SOURCE: Official Bio

“it’s a hauntingly beautiful ballad reminiscing of that safe place you need to be”
Alive & Gigging

“Misa activates emotional rawness in “Think About Me’’

“Misa’s infatuating vocal soar to their highest atmospheres”
Buzz Music