Mojo Watson was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri USA. At the age of 17, he started playing music locally with his teenage peers, who were also budding musicians. Mojo and his pals played blues, jazz, and Top40 R&B, in various establishments, in and around Kansas City.

As a young man, Mojo left Kansas City to pursue higher education. During this time, Mojo continued to perform music with more seasoned musicians. Soon after graduating from university, Mojo began a career in the aviation industry. Working in this discipline provided Mojo with an opportunity to live, work, and play music in England, France, and Australia.

Mojo released his first studio album, titled Summer Is Near in 1999, and has since released four more studio albums: Inheritance (2002), Black Beauty (2004), 18th & Agnes (2007), and Geechy Woman (2011).

Mojo has also released independent singles, notably: One Morning (2012); On My Mind (2013); I Need An Everyday Love (2014); I Want To Make a Reservation (2014); I Like The Way You Roll (2018); Pharmacological Society (2018); Moving (The World Keeps Moving (2019; and, Sheila (2020).

SOURCE: Official Bio