Moodbay are producer-songwriter Alfie Cattell and vocalist-songwriter Anna Stephens. They got together in 2017, after meeting in the corridor of BIMM music school in Manchester.

Moodbay are focusing less on commercial trends & more on creating a musical space of their own.

‘Listen Up’ mixes elements of pop, R&B, and alt-pop. The song is full of attitude, with a melancholic twist.

Anna’s chorus lyrics are full of anger and blame, and yet at the same time feel like a passionate last call to action.

​Once the listener gets caught up in Alfie Cattell’s edgy and powerful production, from the key bass drop at around the 50-second point, those haunting hooks just keep on coming and LISTEN UP moves forward with sure confidence, rare for the first single from a new act.

SOURCE: Official Bio