Muzik Box is a Music Box. Wind it up and it gives you music; it gives you joy. Muzik Box – Three musicians who also get their energy from you and who give back all the joys of House Music. A sound, a look, and a vibe flavored with infectious hooks and energetic club grooves served up with a healthy portion of fierce and funky style. With a side of attitude. AaronArnez is an accomplished DJ and vocalist. His creativity and dead-on club instincts are right on target. His rich baritone voice is the foundation of Muzik Box music and the perfect complement to lead singer Lisa Raquel’s silky vocals.

Caleb Huntsberry is the driving force behind Muzik Box as keyboardist, vocalist and main composer. His background in modeling and fashion is evident in the group’s fun and funky style and their incredible visual performance. Lisa Raquel brings a rich musical heritage and her funky diva-licious voice to the group as lead singer. Her lyric and vocal talent puts the syrupy sweet cherry on top of the Muzik Box mix. Muzik Box’s previous releases, What I Need and That Thang (Drivin’ My Mercedes) have been featured in DJ mixes around the world and the videos have been featured on LOGO, VH1 and MTV as well as clubs everywhere.

The latest records, Ear Candy, released in 2013, and their current single FABULOUS continues the tradition with irresistible hooks and chants on top of a swing feel, beat-driven house music monster. Their new release KARMA is sure to be a crowd-pleaser and floor banger with different mixes from tribal, funky, and anything in between. Whether live on stage, at your favorite club, or in your earbuds, Muzik Box creates a place for you to have fun – where your uniqueness is not only celebrated but fiercely encouraged! Wind them up!

SOURCE: Official Bio