86806-Kyle_DonovanKyle Donovan has been singing all his life; from a young age, he has had a strong sense of his own voice.

“I find myself inspired by the beauty in the natural world around us, coupled with the complex emotions found in human hearts and minds. In a way, I see them as inexorably connected” the songwriter explains.

Kyle’s project, Miles Wide, began with a simple idea: to begin each day by writing music, singing melodies, and living each moment – mindful of the raw emotion and beauty all around us.

The new full length release Moon Howls started as a series of acoustic songs written in a living room overlooking the Rocky Mountains. With a bare-bones foundation already set, Kyle recruited some friends: Tom Clarke-Hazlett (bass), Sam Sherman (percussion), and Isaac Zuckerman (percussion). These players crafted a rhythm section of bass guitar and layered percussion for Moon Howls that enhanced and emboldened its sound, giving it life and texture.

Moon Howls was recorded, produced, and released in late spring of 2014.

The first single and title track is of the same name, “Moon Howls.” The song is an uplifting and inspirational track complete with lush vocal harmonies, beautiful guitar sections, and subtly layered percussion that brings a full feel to the piece.

“Moon Howls was written on a beach in southern California last June, on a cloudy, windy day. At the time of writing the song, I felt a deep connection with the movement of the tides, the activities of everyone around me, and the emotions in my heart. Blue skies opened and closed above me, and I realized that most everything in this world is interconnected. In a way, that’s really what the song is about. ” says Kyle of the song.

Miles Wide has been featured by CITY Newspaper, The Equal Ground, WBER 90.5 FM, WBZA 98.7 FM, and WRUR 88.5 FM’s “Open Tunings.” The songwriter has performed at dozens of venues, both near and far from the hills of his hometown, Rochester, NY. In April, he will embark on a nationwide tour, moving from coast to coast – Starting with NYC and Washington DC, moving through Nashville and Austin, around to San Diego and Los Angeles, and finally up through Denver and Boulder, CO – where the magic all began.

SOURCE: Official Bio