No Valentine is a New York-based trio whose members have been evolving for years in the NYC music scene. Their sound has been described as lean and powerful with distinct influences ranging from the melodic underpinnings of classic rock and roll to the raw edge of grunge. The thread that ties it all together is a riff-based sensibility that lets the listener know they’re in for a raucous good time.

No Valentine has an arsenal of original songs that don’t all sound alike. It’s definitely rock n roll, but it’s more than that. There are lean guitar riffs, 4 on the floor punk beats, Stax like grooves, and full-on barn-burners.

Cindy Pack, famous for fronting The Shakes and slinging hooch at CBGB, is the songwriting brain behind No Valentine. These days she’s slinging a Gibson Les Paul and her lead vocals range from growl to howl.

Mike Linn, the one-time house drummer for Cryptovison Records, pounded the skins for hip hop/punk rocker Princess Superstar, electronica group Spalding Rockwell, and the hard-rocking Dirty and Naughty. His hard-charging beat propels the sting and thunder of No Valentine’s sound.

Laura Sativa, long a road dog for Tania and the Revolutionaries and Mongrel Bitch came home to command the bass guitar for No Valentine. She likes it most when she’s singing the “la la las”.

SOURCE: Official Bio