During an OCHF advanced songwriting camp in November 2016, Jessica Cabral, an “American Idol” top finalist and OC Hit Factory master vocal instructor and songwriter, wrote the “Born Free” lyrics to a piano track composed by Thomas Barsoe and Magnus Funemyr. Cabral had just returned from a trip to the Middle East to a country that was divided over the presidential elections. Many Americans were feeling hopeless and scared because of the color of their skin and religion. Inspired by all the racial issues rising to the surface, she felt compelled to create something that reflected and encompassed everything happening in our nation.

“Born Free” calls people to take action and responsibility for their part in loving all kinds of people. Instead of blaming people or making a political statement, it focuses on the duty of human beings to do the right thing and stand up for personal beliefs. Cabral adds, “I believe that we can do it if we put ourselves in each other’s shoes. It starts right here with you and me.”

Following the launch of OCHF’s urban division last week, Barsoe and Paul Najera co-produced and mixed the song to have a fresh, urban sound. The single was mastered by Grammy winning producer and mastering engineer, Lucas Pimentel. To fully embrace this message of unity, OCHF’s top vocalists were chosen to be featured on the track: Jessica Cabral, Adanna Duru, Carsia Zhavia, Robbie Dean Crebar, Cloi Crider, Jada Northington, Marcus Miles, and Jackie Hishmeh. While these artists have different backgrounds, religions, ages, and experiences, the music proves the power unity by coming together as one.

SOURCE: Official Bio