Of Blood and Mercury is a new musical project founded by Olivier J.LW and Michelle Nocon in early 2018. While the couple was known to perform and release albums in the extreme metal scene, they both united their creativity in a musical style that could be described as a mix of dark pop, ambient with a touch of synthetic nostalgia.

The first EP unveils three songs of their upcoming first album. Initially composed and recorded as demos, the duo invited Belgian drummer Jonas Sanders, known to perform in several metal acts such as Pro-Pain and Emptiness, to join them and take part of the recording session. Later on, they also asked musician/composer David Alexandre Parquier for bass sessions. The team recorded home and in the caves of Brussel’s Blackout Studio.

Between moody guitar notes and atmospheric pads, the melancholic tones of Michelle’s voice depict the shadows that drags the wonders of nature to their ghostly forms.

You can be made from all particles and elements the earth could ever brew, and still feel like a stranger in this world. But when you don’t feel like belonging here and neither to space, would you belong anywhere?

SOURCE: Official Bio