Ok Robot is an Alternative Rock band from Texas whose influences are The Ataris, Fly Leaf, and Weezer as their influences. Composed of members, Jimi Fro, Mario Gonzales, Eddie Skyline, Lina Valdez, Robert Saldana, and Emily Faith Rodriguez, the band has been compared to sounding like a fusion of The Distillers and Paramore with a Pop Punk Alternative vibe.

In June, they self-released their intense new track Run, in which we have powerful guitars that create a heavy atmospheric melody paired excellently with immense vocal delivery and a killer chorus.

This DIY unit has exploded in the South Texas music scene. Their first single “The End” has pushed over 2500 plays with no label or media support. In 2014, they have opened for acts such as, Kris Roe from The Ataris and Tantric. In May of 2015, Ok Robot completed their first LP “What’s Your Reason for Existing?” which is expected to be released in the later part of 2015.

Keep up to date with this up and coming act as they are on the verge of their debut release, “What’s Your Reason for Existing?”.