Ola Sweet is an indie rock duo with a dreamy, psychedelic slant.

Their debut Santiago is a lean collection of bluesy, weathered rock songs. The five-track EP showcases the duo’s clear talent for crafting mesmeric tunes that feel equal parts heartfelt and haunted. The clear standout on the EP is the closer “Big Sleep,” an eerily beautiful pop rock single that bears a remarkably timeless charm.

On the band’s latest record Carnation, JJ Martinsen and Brandon Wallace holed up over a long winter, crafting a collection of songs meant to explore deeper emotional states. The new songs began taking shape as larger, more open arrangements featuring analog synths, drum machines and murky lap steel à la “Sleepwalk With Me”. For the cinematic moments, the band utilized soundstages in New York and Los Angeles to capture strings, vibraphone and marimba.

The album plays out like colorful scenes in a film, with plenty of whimsical and melancholic moments tucked in along the journey. Even at its most cerebral and challenging, Carnation never strays far from dream pop – flaunting catchy hooks and melodies front and center.

Ola Sweet has several singles scheduled for release in early 2021 (Honeymoon, Flood, Ghosts RPT, Carnation) with the album Carnation becoming available on March 5, 2021, and early access Bandcamp on February 19, 2021.

SOURCE: Official Bio