1. Fire in the Hole One And A Half Dog 4:00

Out of the industrial docklands of Trondheim, Norway, comes the hard hitting 5 piece One And A Half Dog.

The band consists of 5 “humble” and “grown up” guys, whos common interest is a great love and passion for Rock n’ Roll music. The magic evolving into One and a Half Dog, in its present form started to happen in 2017, when we all felt that our songwriting and arrangements took the right direction.

In 2019 the band started to create the One And A Half Dog universe and sound, and began recording the first songs. The very personal ballad Battlefield, and the hard hitting rocker Fire in the Hole. Since then progress has been slow, due to Covid-19 and lockdown, but in October 2020 the band released their follow up single, the classic rock tune, Game Over and in March 2021 the sing-along bluesy rocker Falling Down.

The bandmembers Inspirations are various and span over nearly 5 decades, from the huge rock acts of the 70s, the classic heavy metal of the 80s, up to more recent acts like Foo Fighters, Tool and Rival Sons. Mixing powerful drums and biting distorted guitars with clever song arrangements and clean melodic vocals are the fundamental ingredients of the One And A Half Dog sound. The band themselves has no desire of being put into any certain genre, but most listeners would probably categorize the bands sound as “New Wave Of Classic Rock”.

SOURCE: Official Bio