Opera Rock
Opera Rock

Mixing Heavy and Power Metal sounds with more melodic and rock ones, in order to affect even those people who do not usually listen to these genres. But most importantly, exploiting the power of this new sound making a cinematic concept-album, where each track contributes to weave a wider plot, holding the listener hands from the intro to the final twist thanks to the “pathos” generated by music: this is the ambitious goal of the Opera Rock. Their debut album, Starborn, grants a full immersion in a sci-fi world, eager to tell us the story of Isaac and Reika, two cores of worlds so different and distant but still similar and close to each other.

One of the most thrilling aspects of being a musician is the chance to play and interact every day with a huge number of people in a potentially endless network of knowledge and friendships. Starborn was conceived thanks to the sympathy, passions and mutual respect of the individual components enrolled by Marco “Mr. Faz “Fazzini (founder and bass player
of the band) for the realization of his rock opera: Alessandro Formenti, Marco Scorletti, Daniela Laporta and Silvia Ciraudo (vocals), Giorgio Macchi (keyboard), Marco Longhi and Stefano “Leo” Dallosto (guitars) have contributed with their passion and their technical background to the creation of the tracklist of Starborn, unveiling their love for music and their excitement for the project Opera Rock.

Starborn was co-authored by Leo and Mr. Faz, who also worked on the lyrics and the cinematic arrangements. Although the songs are designed to be accessible by a less attentive public, he who pays attention to the whole narrative and to the roles of the character – each played by a different singer – will fully appreciate the work done in making the concept.