99702-sweet_or_bitter“I’m so blessed because I discovered what’s my passion in life very early on. Music completes ‘me’ and I can share happily with the rest of the world.”

This is what Petya replies when asked about her first steps as a musician. Five years old she is already firmly on track playing the violin. Later as a teenager, Petya starts her journey into singing experimenting with opera and jazz. All that ultimately flourishes to shape her distinctive style fusing soul, jazz, rock, and exotic Bulgarian folk themes.

Today Petya is an established vocal artist, performing diverse singing styles skillfully mastering her main instrument— her voice. As an artist she is a firm believer that people are to be happy and coexist in harmony.

“For me music is communication, this is why I can be a different person at any given moment —different things bring me inspiration and all sorts of emotions come out. Music is the way I express my true nature, it is how I live and breath. An artist must have all sorts of life experiences and be able to share them in an exciting way. Happiness and sorrow are equally important for me to feel alive.”

Her upcoming album “Sweet or Bitter”, is a fantastic fusion of Neo Soul, Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop and Rock. It tells her real life story over the last couple of years. Much matured and with clear center of gravity she adores every aspect of her creation and along with the sound of Radoslav Slavchev – Riverman, Miroslav Ivanov, TromBobby from SouthWick, Vassil Voutev – Soulization and the words of Svetoslav Sotirov she is sharing a true life-love story. The trials and tribulations, the challenge to be true to to her aspirations opened up completely new aspects of her creativity and helped express herself as a songwriter. “To be a good vocalist is not enough, you need to communicate a message when you create music —participate, invest, understand, burn to the ground” , she shares.

Petya always follows her own lead. Rebelling agains the matrix of the formal music education in Bulgaria. She dropped out of the most prestigious classic school of music in Sofia because of her devotion to jazz to create the first private music school for contemporary music in Bulgaria—Voice Academy. She strives to change the status quo in music education and relentlessly trains young rising vocal artists in finding and nurturing their own unique talents. Petya is teaching her students how to think and act as contemporary artists in the ever-changing music industry and how to continuously push to improve every single day.

On stage and in life she lives and breaths the necessity of the artist to give and receive living energy from her audience and communicate through music.

SOURCE: Official Bio