I grew up in Nice (South of France).

Although my parents were quite poor and without any affinity with music, they had the great idea to push me (as well as my 4 sisters before me) to play an instrument.

This is how I learned violin for 10 years, and I never regretted the time practicing in solo or within an orchestra. Playing music is a fantastic way to disconnect, stay focused, learn to do some efforts, express his emotions, find a refuge during a bad time, share with others…

When I was a young adult, I made the choice of a career in Telecommunications rather than music. I’ve traveled extensively and lived in Canada, in Singapore, and in Germany.

Music (be it listening, playing, or composing) helps me to cope with the pressure of my work. I especially love 3 kinds of music: classical musical, the songs of a French songwriter called Jean-Jacques Goldman, and in pop-rock bands.

I’ve settled down 3 years ago in Tahiti. Although this is an outstanding destination, believe it or not, I have more and more stress from my work and from my life, and so I feel more and more the need of playing music and writing songs.

SOURCE: Official Bio