From childhood friends to North East ones to watch, Sunderland based alternative-pop/rock outfit ‘Post Rome’ are flying high. Working with nationally acclaimed promotion company Scruff of the Neck to play capacity gigs at venues such as Think Tank, Newcastle, and Independent, Sunderland showcasing their high energy, full-on live sets. Starting the year with a bang they were named a must-see act by Sunderland’s staple music venue, Independent, the band certified this with their March headline show launching 2020’s first single ‘Different Kids’. The follow up see’s the band come back bigger and better than ever before with new single ‘Want to Believe’ set for release on Sunday 24th May.

When asked specifically about the meaning behind the track, drummer and lyricist Jamie Martin explained: “lyrically this song tackles quite a few personal issues whilst focussing on the main theme of feeling uncomfortable or overly comfortable in relationships.” He goes on to discuss the creation of the track and how the band set out to create a chorus that sits somewhere between tribal and gospel, using an African floor tom pattern and stacking over ten different vocals takes on top of each other.

SOURCE: Official Bio